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Cosmic Lifestream Cosmic Lifestream

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Hey Chronamut,

The colours in this have a very green-and-purple theme, which I'm not sure I like. The main point though is the fractal in the middle, which is crazy looking. There's a lot of glow on each line, though, so it's hard to see detail, even when zoomed in. And in a fractal, detail is paramount.

There's an interesting mystical quality about this, which is kind of like what you said, an overly complicated sphere of life. It's amazing to think that every atom in the universe is more complicated than this beautiful fractal. It's surreal and beautiful, but kind of creepy too. And that's good.

There's a certain style to this that is very unique and full of flair. It's kind of as if there is much detail to be explored within each pixel, but I would have liked it to be even bigger and in more detail. Is there a bigger res version of this? I would like to see.

--Wow Factor--
I was pretty amazed by this, and then I saw your score of 4.33 and I wasn't surprised. Then I saw that it got frontpaged, and your other works too. I realised that I was looking at the work of a prolific artist. Your work amazed me, but I still reckon that more colour would make this work even more diverse. Such as planets in the background. (minor irk)

--Personal Tilt--
This is a nice wonderful surreal picture of a fractal that perhaps has too much glow to properly admire. But it still is beautiful, and the surroundings are exquisitely space-like. I wouldn't say Final-Fantasy-esque, simply because I haven't played any FF's in the futuristic setting. But I do think that this might be the picture of one person's "final fantasy". Thanks for sharing.

--Production-- = 20/20
--Experience-- = 18/20
--Style-- = 17/20
--Wow Factor-- = 16/20
--Personal Tilt-- = 16/20




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Chronamut responds:

originally it was bluie and green but I decided that purple and green offered the most colour contrast - them being complementary colours and all..

I could have made this more detailed - but consider I made this to fit my screen resolution - so anything bigger would have just been a waste and taken longer to render. I realize that everything shrunk down with the rez quality makes it harder to see things - easy enough to blow up - I would just change the dpi and scale it up.

And I like the glow - I think it balences well with the fractal in the middle - esp. as a desktop b/g :)

and hmm.. 87 aint bad :P - in art I always consdered anything above 85 to be a personal success :)

thanks for the review! Go check out me other stuff :) Remember you can review stuff just as you sometimes.. not just as part of the review request club ;)


Mr. Buisness man Mr. Buisness man

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Getting great!

hey StalkerGuy,

The impression that I get is that you know how to make cutesy people. The roundness of the limbs (probably due to the shading, as Coop suggested) and the tiny beady eyes make for lovable viewing. If this were in a flash, I would luv this character. The only thing is - it's stark simple. As you said, no background - it makes it stale, almost dull.

Your style is evident. Even if you say you're copying someone else I'll still say it's you. I'd say progress from this piece of artwork, not the Madness-inspired one. Because this is beautiful and individual, and you can make it your own. It doesn't have to be the property of some total jerk face.

Very substantial and nice. I like the way he's walking, because it's not just a 2d motion. You know this man is going somewhere. He also has a 'silly' notion about him, suggested by the title: "Mr. Buisness man". Your intentional misspelling of the word "business" and the idea of putting "Mr." in front of it makes it even more ridiculous. Which makes me smile inside.

The tipped pointy nose is a beautiful touch. I like how his hand sort of reaches back in the motion, but it would be nice for him to have a bigger suitcase. Again, your shading is beautiful, and there's small touches of that even in the hair. I like the stark simpleness of it all, even though it might tend to the simplistic. Just add a little, but not too much, and it'll be even better.

I generally just have a favourable tilt towards this piece. This is the kind of art I like - very stylistic and simple. But not simple to the point of being simplistic. I love this a little bit. Thanks for letting me see.

--Impression-- = 13/20
--Style-- = 14/20
--Substance-- = 14/20
--Beauty-- = 15/20
--Tilt-- = 15/20
VERDICT: Getting great! [B+]



StalkerGuy responds:

Thanks man!

Phoenix /SN/ Phoenix /SN/

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Quite excellent!

Hey SessileNomad,

The first impression I get from this piece of artwork is outlined in your author's comments: experimenting with filters, tools, and colors. It generates a nice effect that really conveys the fiery hotness of a phoenix, simply because it looks like molten lava. But I wasn't really sure what it was. It was just a wall of texture to me, and I would have liked to see more, that's all.

I sense that there's been a little bit of work gone into making this experiment look really nice. The texture is wonderfully made, and the little glowing parts underneath contrast with the dark parts to make for really good viewing. Nothing seems unnatural or forced, it all looks very coherent.

The style is very interesting, because you can't see anything other than the texture of what might be the phoenix or the phoenix egg. It's interesting that you thought of phoenix because I might of thought of something like "volcano" or "lava" for this piece but it gives it that interesting touch.

It's quite beautiful, because of the light parts. The dark parts may be too many and I would like to see a more sort of transparent feel about it. Such as you're looking through the upper layer of darkness into light, or something. Then again, I'm being overly picky, so well done.

I was overall pleased with this, and I really look forward to viewing more of your submitted works in the future. Good art! Thanks for letting me see.

Impression 13/20
Skill 18/20
Style 16/20
Beauty 17/20
Tilt 16/20
Overall score 80/100
VERDICT: Quite Excellent! [A-]